Gearstar Charger

The Gearstar Pager Battery Charger is a standalone unit that can recharge up to 10 Gearstar Pagers stacked on top of each other with the Battery Charger at the bottom of the stack. A Gearstar Pager’s rechargeable battery can only be charged while in a Gearstar Pager. To begin charging, a 5 VDC 1.2A wall adapter is connected to the Battery Charger and an external AC power source. The Charger’s power LED should light. The first Gearstar Pager can then be placed on the Charger by lining up the charging contacts and lightly pushing the pager down into position. Additional Gearstar Pagers can be stacked on top of each other. The power LED of each pager will light if the pager is stacked correctly and will remain on during the charging cycle. When fully charged, the pager’s power LED will turn off. The Gearstar Battery Charger will not damage the batteries by overcharging.

Manufacturer: Unication