USAlert WatchDog Nylon Carrying Case

The USAlert WatchDog Pager Nylon Carrying Case is a durable and attractive option for wearing the WatchDog or WatchDog LT Voice Pagers. The Nylon Carrying Case has a flexible top flap that protects and covers the pager. This flap attaches to the front of the carrying case with a Velcro strip and holds the pager securely in place. Once a message is received, the Velcro connection can be easily detached and the pager removed from the case. Messages can also be heard without removing the pager from the case as it has an array of front side holes near the pager’s speaker to allow loud and clear audio to pass. A nylon rear flap is designed to be looped over a belt and snapped into place with its pair of metal fasteners.

Manufacturer: USAlert